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Clear View Lighting launches Little Book Reading Light!!

 27 July 2014
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Anyone who’s an avid book reader knows that there’s nothing like curling up with a good book at night right before bed time. But once the lights go out, only those that have a quality book like will be able to keep reading even after everyone else has called it a night.

Clear View Lighting released a handy little reading book light this week that outshines the competition and has taken the reading world by storm. It’s compact, flexible, and has a powerful L.E.D light that will make pages easy to read.

It clips on to any book, hard cover or paper back  with a firm grip to keep the other pages where you want them while also a clear white light that brightens the page but doesn’t hurt the readers eyes. It was recently voted best reading light in a poll of over 3,000 book enthusiasts so it has shown that it can stand up to the strictest of critics.  

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