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Performance.Art – The Practice of Perfect Hospitality

 29 July 2014
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Performance.Art – The Practice of Perfect Hospitality




Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces is pleased to announce the launch of its new global advertising campaign titled Performance.Art.

Performance.Art is a creative distillation of what the Taj stands for and promises to deliver. Taj produces an exceptional level of seemingly effortless operational performance and, when perfected, the practice of any discipline, craft or talent – whether music, drama, sport or even luxury hospitality – is elevated to an art form.

The campaign breaks away from the conventions of traditional hospitality advertising by eschewing property imagery, saccharine photography of smiling staff and guests, or celebrity endorsement.

Mr. Raymond Bickson, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Taj Group, commented “How apt an analogy for hospitality is the art of dance because like a theatrical presentation, a superlative guest experience is also painstakingly choreographed. On both stages, the seemingly effortless performance is actually the product of diligent preparation, which requires an uncompromised union of both passion and precision. Through the beautiful imagery of dance, therefore, our new brand campaign celebrates the rigor of operational perfection and the artistry of our associates who perform genuinely from their hearts.”

Ms. Deepa Misra Harris, Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing, Taj Group, said We are delighted to have launched our exciting new campaign, ‘Performance.Art’ globally. The campaign will decode the heritage, authenticity and impeccable luxury credentials of the brand to resonate with a global audience as well as a younger audience through a shared passion for the Arts. This is reflected at a metaphorical level by dance and at a literal level by signature experiences.”

To bring the concept to life, Taj enlisted a well-known bespoke luxury advertising agency, Luxury Branding, London to tell the brand story. The campaign is presented in two complementary levels; one metaphorical and the other literal. For the metaphorical level, the campaign employs the analogy of dance for the practiced preparation that distinguishes Taj hospitality. Five global dance forms have been selected and photographed to communicate, both visually and emotionally, this distinctive quality.

On the second level, the concept of Performance.Art has been dramatized literally by featuring eight of the unique, signature experiences that embody the spirit of the Taj. Each has been shot from two adjoining perspectives, presented as an ‘A-Side’ - the Art in Performance.Art, and a ‘P-Side’ - celebrating the Performance behind the scenes. London based photographer, Jake Walters, shot the campaign images on location in India.

In addition to the compelling print advertisements, the campaign will also be extended via an equally distinctive approach encompassing online advertising, property branding and other guest touch points. From first-hand brand experiences, brand activation to social amplification, the campaign will give Taj a distinctive and memorable presence amongst those seeking authentic luxury experiences.

To take a look at the new campaign visithttp://www.tajhotels.com/PerformanceArt

The microsite, which is divided into two sections, helps users explore more elements of the Performance.Art campaign.

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