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IIT-Gandhinagar: MA course on 'Society and Culture'

 31 July 2014
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Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhinagar, on Monday became the first IIT in the country to launch a comprehensive two-year MA programme in society and culture.

On Monday, the institute started the first batch comprising 13 students. IIT-Gn had received more than 400 applications from students across the country for the programme,

Students holding a bachelors degree in any discipline can apply for the course, which provides an inter-disciplinary approach towards understanding and critically analyzing society and culture. Some of the thematic areas are identity and difference, development and exclusion, local and transnational mobilities, India and its literatures, population and health.

The course covers subjects like archaeology of ideas; South Asia: History, culture and society; qualitative and quantitative research methods and musical traditions of India. The focus of the course is on South Asia, with India and Bangladesh forming most of the curriculum. A thesis at the end of two years is compulsory.

The four-semester course will require a student a total of 80 credits to graduate.

Convener of the programme, Srinivas Reddy, said: "The course will give students a critical ability to approach the world and its many challenges. Careers after the MA programme could be related to journalism, advertising/media, communications, writing, teaching, human resources, non-profit (NGOs, policy think-tanks) and of course higher studies in academia."





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