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A Single Blood Test may help to detect all Cancers

 29 July 2014
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Scientists claim to have developed a simple blood test that can screen if a person is suffering from cancer or not.

The test is developed by researchers from the University of Bradford. It can diagnose various types of cancer like melanoma, colon cancer and lung cancer by just analysing certain symptoms thereby proving to be a cost effective and time saving method.

Also, it could be a useful aid for investigating patients who are suspected of having cancer that is currently hard to diagnose.

Lead researcher Diana Anderson, revealed that they found that people with cancer had DNA which was more easily damaged by ultraviolet light than other people, so the test is aimed at identifying the sensitivity to damage of the entire DNA, the genome, in a cell.

However, Anderson added that though the early results, completed on three different types of cancer, so far were remarkable, more research was needed to be done.

The research has been published online in FASEB Journal.

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