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JOYBYNATURE.COM creates a world of wellness

 25 July 2014
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www.joybynature.com/ started in July 2013 is unique start up involved in creating a world of wellness at the click of a mouse button. It believes and caters to all strata of the society in making organic products the new healthy and affordable option. It largely focuses on products as diverse as beauty, health, food and lifestyle. It was born with the belief that it can bring joy and nature directly to our homes that would imbibe the spirit of the natural and organic world. 

The ecological destruction has created a world, that with each passing year we are losing touch with our natural habitat. It’s one of many reasons that these days people are turning to organic alternatives for their food, beauty and household cleaning items. One of the advantages of buying organic food is, that it has a huge positive impact on the environment, the animals and people who live on it. 

It is with this philosophy of giving back to the environment, enhancing the well-being and quality of day-to-day life that the founders- Mr. Shailesh Mehta and Rahul Amarendra Kumar, left their lucrative jobs and started this initiative.

To further contribute to the wellness joybynature.com has introduced columns on their website such as Ask An Expert, where visitors can ask experts concerning their health. It regularly updates sections providing consumers with natural, simple and healthy recipes, natural products benefits and lifestyle tips.

It is one of the largest Natural and Organic products portal which sell exclusive items not available with any other online player in India, like Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds, 100% Natural Mosquito Solution, most diverse Organic Teas, Dermatologist recommended Bio Hair Colors, Yoga accessories, seasonal gifts and items such as Organic Holi Colors etc. They are also amongst the lowest priced product sellers in the category of Organic Groceries.

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