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3 Ways To Claim Your Life Back If You’re Stressed, Depressed And Dreading Mondays

 27 July 2014
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Discord erupts when these emotionally immature individuals lacking in empathy seek to fulfil their own personal agenda ahead of their company’s vision regardless of the impact on others.

Employees who were stressed, depressed and dreading Mondays, were probably working in a toxic interpersonal environment that had started to take its toll on their physical and mental health.

Workplace bullying expert and clinical psychologist Dr Sophie Henshaw said that she had discovered a baffling phenomenon in which targets don’t actually realise they are being bullied until months, or even years down the track.
I believe that the reason it takes the penny so long to drop is because no one likes to admit they’re a victim, it’s too stigmatising, especially for self-respecting professionals who take so much pride in their work and like to think of themselves as decent, resilient people,” she said.

Dr Henshaw said that people needed to hear her core message: catch it early and think strategically for an exponentially better outcome; in the meantime there were three ways for stressed and depressed employees to claim their life back:

1. Understand toxic office politics for what they really are:

A person who derives status from the trappings of power also often lacks a firmly established personal and professional identity, characterised by feelings of emptiness, insecurity and shame.” 

Discord erupts when these emotionally immature individuals lacking in empathy seek to fulfill their own personal agenda ahead of their company’s vision regardless of the impact on others.” 

The best way to deal with these dysfunctional employees is to understand the unique modus operandi of each different type of bully, as well as the differing strategies required to keep their negative impact at bay.”

2.  Recognise the bully-prone company

Bully-prone companies tend to support bullying behaviour and there are two kinds of bully-prone company.”

“The first kind holds itself accountable to very few stakeholders; usually only shareholders and the board of directors.” 

Such a company is driven by the dollar and is particularly susceptible to boom and bust cycles.” 

The second kind is one that is highly bureaucratic, most often government, such as educational, health care, defence or justice departments.” 

They are more focused on meeting annual targets or accreditation standards than protecting the wellbeing of employees.”    

Both kinds of bully-prone companies have high levels of staff turnover and absenteeism, low morale, poor employee and customer satisfaction as well as negative press coverage.” 

3.  Overcome self-doubt

Self-doubt is a difficult obstacle to overcome and the one that keeps you stuck in a dysfunctional work environment.”
When you first notice bullying, your initial tendency may be to ignore it or believe you are imagining it, but later blame yourself, believing there is something you’ve done to cause the behaviour.” 

The worst damage is done when the self-doubt induced by workplace bullying collides with a person’s pre-existing inner critic: that nagging, inner voice constantly in your ear about your inadequacies and wrongdoings.” 

Those who wanted more information about how to protect themselves from toxic office politics and workplace bullying could learn more by reading Dr Henshaw’s new book called:  Stressed, Depressed And Dreading Mondays, What Smart Career Professionals Can Do To Claim Their Life Back.”

For a short time, Dr Henshaw said she would be making the book available for free when readers downloaded a copy of her exclusive report, “3 Common Mistakes That Even Smart Career Professionals Make… That Keep Them Stressed, Depressed And Dreading Mondays,” 

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