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Back To School Days

 31 July 2014
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First exposure to society, first surge of rebellion, first crush, first best friend…there are many firsts attached to a schoollife that remain etched in our memories for lifetime.

Pepsi’s Back to school video literally takes us back to the classrooms we left behind, the playgrounds we so loved, the teachers we loved to hate, the corridors that still haunt us in dreams, the uniforms that united us despite different backgrounds, the joy of sharing lunch, the tear-shedding sessions on getting a red mark on report card, that skipping of heartbeat when teacher caught us eating lunch (or writing poetry in my case) in the middle of a class, the group punishment that actually turned into a fun ‘antakshari’ activity.

Though in this video, the school friends meet in a reunion and promise to remain friends forever, I wonder how many of us actually keep in touch, once we step out of the school building.

Watch the video and revisit your golden time:


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