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Delhi High Court Catches & punishes Imposters Claiming To Be From Naukri.com

 27 July 2014
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Acting on proceedings initiated by Info Edge (India) Limited, the Delhi High Court has passed an order restraining CV Naukri Services Private Limited and 3 of its officials (Akashdeep, Dr Pradeep Narwal & Ashish Mittal) from using the Trade Mark containing word “Naukri” and or “Naukri.com” or any other deceptively similar mark.
The modus operandi of CVNAUKRI and its associates is that they approach individuals who are engaged in the process of a job search through calls (using landlines/mobiles and/or VOIP technology), in order to encash the reputation of Naukri.com which is part of Info Edge (India) ltd. They led the customers to believe that the services offered by them are those ofwww.naukri.com thereby inducing customers to deposit the money towards various services which were never delivered.
Their acts were clearly aimed at creating an impression of having an association with Naukri.com (when in fact none exist) in order to ride upon the reputation earned by the company amongst the members and job seekers.
A large number of other websites have been created and are being utilized in a similar manner in order to swindle jobseekers. In case a job seeker is approached in a similar manner by any individual posing as an associate of Naukri.com, they are advised to clarify the same by approaching Naukri.com at compliance@naukri.com.
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