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Innovative leadership workshop

 28 July 2014
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"Leadership is an art everybody is born with, but few realise..."

Amit Punjabi,a young, inspiring and passionate trainer from Bangalore is now hosting the INNOVATIVE LEADERSHIP workshop. This workshop is designed by studying the most successful leaders and companies in the world. It enables you to take charge of your circumstances and change it according to your wish. It lets you break out of your conditions and go beyond what you thought was possible. Also you can learn how to be more resourceful, flexible and innovative, you will be able to generate more choices with respect to your thinking, doing and behaving and can create an environment where new ideas can be generated easily.

You will realise the blocks and reasons that contribute in limiting your creativity and innovation.

Date, Day & Timings : 27th July 2014 | Sunday | 9 am – 6 pm

Venue: Sankalp Academy, Sheshadripuram, Bangalore

Charges : Rs. 3500/- + 12.36% service charges

For more information log onto: www.sankalpacademy.in

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