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Kanpur murder case: "Businessman confesses to killing wife", Said Police

 30 July 2014
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A young businessman in Kanpur has confessed to have plotted the murder of his wife with the help of his driver, UP Police has said.

Piyush Shyam Dashani was arrested on Tuesday after his wife Jyoti Dashani was found murdered on Monday. She was abducted after some bikers allegedly intercepted the car the couple were traveling in on Sunday night. They took her away in the car. She was later found stabbed to death in the same vehicle.

Police said CCTV camera footage led them to suspect the hand of Piyush Shyam Dashani in the murder. He was seen wearing two different outfits on the night of the murder.

Reason of the murder is apparently Piyush Dashani's extra marital affair. It is allegedly reported that he was in relation with a girl who was asking him to get married to her. 

The murdered woman's Jyoti's father, Shankarla Nagdev, has demanded a CBI probe into the case.

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