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Manoj Maurya makes paintings which Blind can ‘See’ at ReBORN Painting Exhibition

 26 July 2014
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In a first of its kind initiative towards making art accessible for masses, Manoj Maurya invited blind students from the city blind schools and made them ‘see’ the paintings. Manoj described and discussed paintings with blind students and also took an interactive workshop where he taught them how to create paintings
Manoj Maurya made a painting with the blind students which he later gifted to the students. The evening brought immense joy to the painter and he exclaimed, “I want to make even blind capable for expressing their thoughts through the medium of visual arts and paintings. The reactions and questions that these students asked me on my paintings were as insightful as those asked by art connoisseurs. After understanding ReBORN series, one student asked me what I think is the color of soul? Another asked me the color of birth & death?. They grasped my paintings and the thought behind them".
He added, "I thoroughly enjoyed the journey of ReBORN with them. Another Blind student expressed his heartiest gratitude to Manoj and thanked him for making him see the colors for the first time in his life."
ReBORN Painting Exhibition by Manoj Maurya established a missing connect between art and general masses. Manoj felt that paintings as form of art should increase its reach and be more relevant and productive for the society. During the exhibition he had invited underprivileged kids and taught them finer nuances of paintings. He invited autorickshaw drivers to explore and understand the importance of art. While helping them acknowledge their creative potential, Manoj felt educating autorickshaw drivers about art would go a long way in keeping city clean and beautiful.
ReBORN Painting Exhibition which ends today at Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Worli was a breakthrough movement in art industry with strong artistic body of work which also served to be productive for society.
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