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Public Speaking Workshop

 27 July 2014
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Ever wondered why nobody hears you in meetings?. No matter whether you are planning to become a politician or not. Not even likely to address large audiences on a regular basis. But, you need to be able to communicate well to achieve success. Certain professions need high level of vocal confidence. But, in this competitive world and age of jet speed the one who speaks well assumes leadership position and achieves success. So hone your Public Speaking skills.

Hyderabad based Media Junction, a centre and specialist organization for Public Speaking Training can help you. It announced its latest 182nd Batch of 4 Day Workshop on Effective Public Speaking to be held from July 10 to 13th to be held here in city at Media Junction's premises at Ground Floor 4A, Parthani Towers, Golconda Cross Roads, Musheerabad, Hyderabad-20. You can also seek more details on phone: 9848842471

Several hundred people have successfully gone through the workshops in the recent past and have become more confident than ever before.

The classes will be handled by D. Ramchandram, an experienced Public Speaking Facilitator.
"Many business executives lose corporate battles, sales, and career growth for lack of speaking skills. A person who is confident in front of a group gives off an air of competence, whereas a person, who fumbles might leave a negative impression", said Ram, the trainer.

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