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Shiv Sena MPs force catering staff to break Ramzan Fast!!

 28 July 2014
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A lawmaker from the Shiv Sena, Rajan Vichare, was caught on camera forcing a chapati in the mouth of a catering supervisor inside the Maharashtra Bhavan who happened to be a Muslim on a Ramzan fast while about 11 MPs of the party were accused of high handedness in dealing with the catering staff after they were angry over "poor quality of food".
The man, a Muslim named Arshad Zubair, was fasting for Ramzan. TV footage showed he being forced to eat a chapati by Vichare even though Sena earlier in Parliament denied the charge.
Parliament witnessed ruckus and the house was adjourned. 
Several political parties condemned the incident and while at first Sena denied it, the video was soon out. 
Rajan Vichare, the man charged with the action and an MP from Thane, said the incident was being given a communal colour by opposition while it was like asking the manager of a restaurant to taste bad food.  
Vichare, however, was shown forcing the chapati in the man's mouth and twice once it had fallen down.  
Opposition reacted sharply with Manish Tewari of  Congress saying that the MPs should tender a public apology.
BJP leader Subramanian Swamy said, "all these are subject to verification and knowing the Sena chief Uddhav Thackery as an educated person he would act if it is proved to be true." 
He said,if it is ever proved that physically the lawmaker had acted, he should apologize."
According to television reports, IRCTC - the Indian Railways subsidiary catering for Maharashtra Sadan, suspended all operations in protest against the incident during which the Muslim worker, identified as Arshad Zubair S, was was forced to eat the chapatti.
IRCTC also lodged a complaint with the Maharashtra resident commissioner Bipin Mallick.
Media reports said, the resident commissioner accordingly sent a letter of apology to IRCTC authorities expressing “his shock” at the incident.
The issue triggered furore in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday with ex-railways minister Mallikarjun Kharge raising the matter for discussion. The Lok Sabha speaker, maintaining the decorum of the House, said the issue would be allowed for discussion during question hour.
Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut denied the allegations saying they were ‘totally baseless’“It is absolutely wrong. People who are giving it a religious angle should be taught a lesson,” he said.
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