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Back from a travel or trip!! Here is what you need

 26 July 2014
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Travelling is perhaps one of the few expenditures that make you richer. It is blissful to gaze at the beauty of the hills or the serenity of the rivers or just lay down by the sea side to soak in the sun. But, as you enrich your experiences travelling around, you may often experience some health related issues like dehydration, fatigue, infection, nausea, jet lags. While we deal with such issue with a medical response, we often ignore the negative effects of travelling on our skin. Days of moving around in the wilderness may often leave your skin dehydrated, dull, and sun scorched. The fatigue and lack of nutrition may also leave you with hollow eyes. Acne scars are another beauty related woe that many travellers face as they fight infections and breakouts.
Just back from a long travel trip? Here are some tips to fix your beauty problems:
1. Dull and Dry Skin: 
From weathering the cold winds of the mountains to bearing the brunt of the scorching sea side sun, your skin may lose a lot of hydration and may appear rugged, dull, dry and flaky after a long sojourn. Use plenty of moisturizer to deal with the dehydration and drink a lot of water. 
2. Coarse Hair: 
The weather changes, winds and sun exposure can be equally damaging for your hair. The change of water may not also not suit your hair and they may end up being dry and coarse. Once back from the travel trip, get a deep hydrating hair massage for your scalp, and apply conditioning agents like egg or henna on your hair to help them overcome the trauma. Use a mild shampoo and oil regularly for a few days.
3. Dark Circles and hollow eyes: 
Though travelling is fun, it often leaves you fatigues because you lose sleep to take in as much fun and often skip proper meals leaving you nutrition starved. Dark circles are a direct result of it. Once back, have enough sleep, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water. 
4. Acne: 
Skin is a very sensitive sensory organ and we tend to touch our face again and again during travel that too without realizing that our hands may be dirty. Even a little dust is enough to cause pimples. So always wash your hands and if that is not possible carry a sanitizer so that your hands are clean and no bacteria are transferred from your hands to face. If you are having breakouts, speak to a doctor as it may necessitate treatment with antibiotics. Use a non-comedogenic lotion that will not clog your pores. 
5. Dry Feet: 
The best solution for your feet is applying coconut oil on them before sleeping. It will keep them moisturized overnight and make them soft and supple again.
6. Puffy Eyes:
 Eyes need special care and attention so get proper sleep, drink lots of water and eat cucumber. You can also use cucumber to soothe your eyes.
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