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 26 July 2014
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Sar v Sri, a leading vegetarian food company in Chennai is proud to offer this summer a grand lunch/dinner parties starting from just Rs.150/*-per head. Next time when you want to celebrate parties at your home you don’t have to worry, hosting parties has been never easier! Just visit www.facebook.com/sarvsri and enjoy your parties at your doorstep!

Sar v Sri specializes in multiple cuisines including South Indian, North Indian, Gujarati, Chinese, Italian and Mexican. Other Choices can also be arranged on request.

Sar v Sri brings you the convenience to choose between ordering at the comfort of your home by phone/email/sms and get your order delivered at affordable prices. They can also send a chef to man your finishing kitchen. Extensive care has been taken to guarantee freshness of the products. Even the packaging cover is imported and has special properties that helps retain the aroma of the foods and keeps the fresh.

Ms. Savita Gupta CEO shares, “In order to ensure the safety and convenience of our customers, we try to use the best of technology and methods in terms of cleaning and packaging our products to keep them fresh. Ordering vegetarian food for a small function has become easier like never before. We send chefs, helpers and accessories along with the fresh food

Sar V Sri have been outstanding in the retail vegetarian food industry, and also give a replacement guarantee, if the product is not up to the expectation of the customer.

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