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Shampoo your hair the right way: Tips and Tricks

 26 July 2014
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1. Don't use the same shampoo seven days a week, 365 days a year
Not only are you shampooing too frequently -- every other day is usually enough, says hairstylist Mario Russo -- but you should also switch shampoos occasionally to prevent buildup of certain ingredients (like silicones). Every couple of months, replace your current shampoo with another formulated for your hair type.
2. Wet your hair completely pre-shampoo
Without enough water, shampoo doesn't lather -- and you may be inclined to compensate by using more product (stripping your hair and your wallet). Stand under the shower spray for an extra minute before you shampoo your hair.

3. Don't  begin by applying your shampoo to the same spot on your scalp (usually at the crown)You might notice that the top of your scalp is dry or flaky. Try alternating your routine by starting your shampoo at the nape of your neck and distributing the lather onto your hair before moving toward the top of your head.
4. Avoid creating too much frictionTo avoid damaging hair, massage your scalp with your fingertips rather than your fingernails or palms.
5. Never rinse Hair with hot water 
Piping hot water dries your scalp and hair. Use lukewarm instead (which helps to preserve color).
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