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Summer Theater Festival opens with light hearted satire on men

 27 July 2014
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What happens when married men start fantasizing about lives outside their marital relationships? ‘Couple Trouble’a comic satire on men and changing values of marriage in modern times opened the Summer Theatre Festival today with a laugh riot that left the audience asking for more.
The three-day festival being presented by the Films & Theatre Society that opened today to much applause, promises to provide the theatre lovers of the capital a much-needed artistic weekend to break the monotony of the summer heat.
Directed by Vikas Bahari, and based on a Marathi play Ankh Micholi, ‘Couple Trouble’ is a comic take on everyday frustrations of men who feel trapped in a marriage. Originally written by C.P. Deshpande, the adult comedy is a depiction of the sexual fantasies of such men and aims at exposing their double standards while exploring the changing values of marital relationships in modern times. The play tickled many a funny bone at the Shri Ram Centre Auditorium.
Over the next two days, more serious stories will play out in the form of grand productions that are full of emotions and liveliness, are supported effectively by Indian music and have a rich content.
The second play to feature in the festival (June 21) is Saudagar, an Indian adaptation of Shakespeare’s classical ‘Merchant of Venice’. Directed by Atul Satya Koushik, Saudagar will unfold in pre independence India and will follow the story of a merchant who borrows a loan at a heavy price to help his friend woo a princess.
The last day of the festival will recreate the tragic devastation of India’s partition, through the story of a family based in Lahore. Directed by Koushik, ‘Wo Lahore’ is a musical drama set in the middle of twentieth century India. This is a story of an ordinary woman Jamuna, a mother of three sons, who tries to keep her family intact amid everything that is happening around.The USP of this festival is the variety it is offering.
We have put together a diverse ensemble of plays for the festival. From comedy to tragedy to drama, the festival will have something for every theatre lover in it. Our plays are full of life and are wonderfully complemented by music and lights. This is our way of providing an artistic relief to the people of Delhi in the sultry summer. Interestingly, summer time is the time when theatre academies are buzzing the most with activities. With schools and colleges closed for vacations, this is also the time when a large number of young people can come out to enjoy theatrical productions. The Films & Theatre Society aims to popularize the art of theatre and take it to a wide variety of audience,” says writer-director Atul Satya Koushik.
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