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Culture Machine’s Being Indian YouTube channel releases a short film ‘The Indian Dalit’

 14 February 2016
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Culture Machine’s ‘Being Indian’ YouTube channel released an intense video titled ‘The Indian Dalit’ today. Featuring Dalits from various walks of life and across social strata, the documentary covers various struggles of their life. Difficulty in finding jobs outside of scavenging despite being highly qualified, being beaten up and discriminated against based solely on their last names and being refrained from to enter places of worship; these individuals labelled as “untouchables” by society, continue to struggle even in the 21st century.

Despite the relentless challenges in their personal and professional lives, the Dalits in the video continue to hope for a promising future. They talk at length about Dr. B.R Ambedkar’s contribution in empowering them and the role of education in reforming the society. ‘The Indian Dalit’ is an attempt by Culture Machine to create awareness in the society and is in line with Being Indian’s other videos such as ‘The Indian Sikh’, ‘The Indian Muslim’ and ‘The Other Indians’ amongst many others.

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