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Movie Review: Amit Sahni ki List!!

 28 July 2014
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Movie Review: Amit Sahni ki List!!
Cast: Vir Das, Vega Tomatia, Anindita Nayar, Kavi Shastri, Natasha Rastogi

Director: Ajay Bhuyan

Run Time: 1hr 50 minutes

The movie revolves around the love life of Amit Sahni (Vir Das), who is heart broken when his first girlfriend dumps him for another man. Amit, the uptight investment banker prepares a list, yes a 'handwritten' list of qualities his Miss 'Perfect' should have, to save himself from heartbreaks in future.

Tailing which Amit who is in search of his lady love, his mother (Natasha Rastogi) tries to fix him up with Mala (Vega Tamotia) curly hair, brown eyes, bohemian vivacious girl, who is a former Pole dance teacher, fond of Bungee-jumping and a dog love ( she has a pet named Noni Singh ji who has his own charm in the movie). Mala is poles apart from Amit's list or rather she could 'de-list' his list but still her vibrant and full of life attitude made him fall head over heels for her.

Opposites attract!! fits in perfectly well for these two, deeply in love, the couple gets engaged and plan a future together. Everything goes smooth until a 'Sexy, beautiful, ambitious and independent bombshell comes knocking in Amit's life!

Devika (Anindita Nayar) makes Amit's go gaga about Devika as she is all he ever wanted (100% match according to his Check list) that is the time when the lovey-dovey Amit decides to get his Miss Perfect by dumping his imperfect fiance, Mala.

Push-kar ( Kavi Shastri) who is Amit's 'Jockey- Friend' ( Langotiyaan Yaar) is seen supporting Amit in every fragment of his life or you may say is rather confusing him even further, but that is what friends are for, wouldn't you agree?

The director Ajay Bhuyan has done an amazing work, not to forget each and every character in the film has a mind of their own, even 'Noni Singh ji' (Mala's pet dog). Vir Das being a talented actor and has done full justice to his role.

However, Amit soon realizes his relation with Devika is only 'PERFECT' but has no emotional connect, so anyway, post non dramatic, well counseled break-up with Devika supported by break counselor (Anu Menon), Amit like any other lover becomes a 'Devdas' and wander around looking for Mala, who is his imperfectly perfect love.

Amit follows Mala to Chhattisgarh where she is now teaching woman how to do bee farming (From Poll dance teacher to Tea taster to bee farming, diverse career choices!). Amit who is Acrophobic para glides to reach the love of his life.

The movie is supported by a very strong and witty script, which acts like a grip to your attention, all the actors in the movie have lived up to their characters beautifully. 'Amit Sahni Ki List' is a bracing and crispy love story, the movie runs at a constant speed and make you stick to your seat there is no low point where one can lose interest.

Amit Sahni is not a extraordinary part of cinema, but is definitely an unconventional and stimulating work. In a nut shell the movie is worth watching.

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