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Photographers boycotted Salman Khan

 27 July 2014
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Photographers boycotted Salman Khan

After newbie Shraddha Kapoor, it was superstar Salman Khan’s turn to face photographers’ boycott. However, the ‘Dabangg’ actor cares the least.

Salman, who is facing the boycott after a fallout with photographers during a ‘Kick’ event on Friday (July 11), today (July 14) said: “This is what I call a stand, the photographers are gonna loose out on work, but have still taken a decision not to take my pics, happy for them.

On Friday, Salman Khan had an altercation with the paparazzi at the launch of a special song ‘Devil’ from his upcoming film ‘Kick’.

Bouncers at the venue apparently misbehaved with some of the photographers, as the commotion went out of control, Salman Khan intervened and then announced that if anyone wanted to leave the venue was free to do so.

He said, “Those who want to stay may stay, whoever wants to leave, is free to go. What’s the big deal about it.”

While some photographers left, some stayed back to cover the event. Salman Khan then again asked the remaining people if they wanted to go ahead with the launch or else it can be called off. And only after everyone insisted, did Salman Khan unveil the song.

He also said, "Yahan Nargis Fakhri ko dekhne aaye ho ya ladne ayae ho?

Later at the event Salman Khan said that sometimes it happens as everyone deals with the paparazzi differently.















He reasoned that the paparazzi should maintain a certain distance and that he is standing there to be snapped but from a distance. He said that he has come for the media (photographers) and vice-versa so the media should also think about their behaviour. He further said that it’s the competition which is why such things happen.

In the past Salman Khan has had his bad moments with the paparazzi. The actor also, reportedly, threw a phone of a fan who had snapped him outside a suburban Mumbai hospital, where he was visiting veteran actor Dilip Kumar last year.

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