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Shreyas Talpade will showcase his Lyricist talent in; 'Poshter Boyz'

 28 July 2014
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Poshter Boyz is Shreya's first home individual production and the actor is leaving no stone unturned to promote his upcoming movie. The actor even shot a promotional title track for the same.

Shreyas himself has written the lyrics for the title track ‘Aale Re Poshter Boyz’. The lyrics are quiet quirky and funny and immediately grips on to you. The song was released earlier and has the youth going gaga over the track (scroll down for the video).  

The video of the promotional track has also become a hit with audiences and has grabbed a lot of eyeball on Youtube. Apart from Shreyas Talpade even Chaitanya Sant has contributed towards the lyrics of the song. 

Poshter Boyz is slated for the release on 1st August


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